I’m trying to plan my next two road trips, both scheduled soon.  I figured I’d hit some of the big hotel info websites (you probably know a few yourself) and get some quick info.

Things didn’t work out well.  First, I was given a list of hotels miles away from where I want to stay.  Like, tens of miles, and over an hour’s drive.  I used to live in the Tidewater Virginia area and I know all too well how much traffic they have.  I want to sit by my friends’ pool, not sit on the Hampton Roads Bridge-Tunnel. 

The next site gave me lots of hotels near my destination, but made me go through this endless gyration of clicking and unscrambling pop-up windows to find each hotel’s rates.

A random Google search yielded lists of hotel review sites and hotel chain home pages.  More hopeless tangles.

I’m waiting to hear back from the Navy Lodge.  They’re not the closest place, but they’re the cheapest, and their website makes perfect sense…what could be easier than “Make A New Reservation Request”?