I logged 4.5 hours behind the wheel today, all on D. C. metro area roads.  I hit the Beltway, Route 32, Route 29, I-66, Kenilworth Avenue, Route 50 and more.  For what?  Picking up a camera, taking a child to dance camp…that’s pretty much it.  Adding to the thrill was the fact that my first errand of the day, putting my new tire onto the right front wheel, had to be rescheduled, so I did all this with no spare tire.

Ouch.  I think I’m headed for a dose of Vitamin M (that’s Motrin to you and me) before bed, as even the tip of my nose is now aching.  I’m not qualified for the WNBA, but I’m a bit taller than the average bear-ette, and sandwiching myself into a Dodge Stratus for hours isn’t my idea of fun.

On the good side, the car did well in spite of the brutal pre-rush hour traffic, the 90-degree weather and the lack of spare tire.  I completed my errands without major problems.  We have the whole evening free to cuddle kitties and watch Animal Planet.  All’s well that ends well.