Today my daughter competed in her first feis, or Irish step dance competition.  Before sunrise, I got up and prepared to drive to the Nation’s Capital Feis in Arlington, Va.  The only roads I saw were the Beltway and the George Washington Memorial Parkway, which is one of my favorite local roadways.  At 7:00 A. M., though, with a stage time of 8:30, I wasn’t exactly focusing on the scenery.  Instead, my mind was filled with details like, “I wonder whether we can buy sock glue?”

The world of Irish dance is still new territory for me.  My daughter loves every minute she spends at class.  She practices endlessly.  Competing is tough stuff, though, for a nine-year-old.

We arrived in plenty of time, in spite of my wrong turn onto Route 50, and found the changing room and our stage without difficulty.  I think the hardest part for me was watching all the girls wait…and wait…and wait, lined up to dance, as the judges rotated between stages.  I know how I would have felt, worried about steps and timing and falling and sock glue.  I could see that my daughter was worried and nervous, but she got out there and did her best.  She even remembered to smile.

I’m happy to report that my sweetie placed first in her reel competition!  I know she’s looking forward to sharing her good news with her Irish dance pals.  She spent all afternoon practicing hard shoe steps.

We’re in this for the long haul, I think.  Perhaps, some day, this road will indeed take us all the way to Dublin.