That one’s easy.

Rockville Pike.

I’ve lived in Maryland for a total of six years, so far, and I have never enjoyed driving in Rockville.  Now, I actively avoid Rockville Pike.  My favorite spice and seasonings retailer, Penzeys, recently opened a shop on Rockville Pike, and I refuse to go there.  I’ll wait until I’m in Indianapolis and visit Penzeys there.

I’ve never figured out why some roads are clogged with strip malls and restaurants, and why developers insist on adding more strip malls to these thoroughfares.  Route 3 in Crofton (or farther south, in Waldorf) is another example of roadway clogging.

I’d love to go to G Street Fabrics or some of the other great shops on Rockville Pike, but they’re located on Rockville Pike.  It’s just far enough away, and just overcrowded enough, that it’s not worth the trip.

Frankly, I’d rather drive in downtown Naples.  (Italy, not Florida)  And that’s saying something.