My new  laptop arrived today.  I’m a freelance writer, so the laptop is a business tool.  Unless you’re my children, who think it’s a DVD player for our next road trip.  This trip is looming large on my event horizon.  What is a loving mommy/working writer to do?

Part of me wants to share the laptop, allowing Yours Truly to listen to endless NPR while en route to Points South.  Part of me does not want fingerprints on the laptop’s monitor screen.  Part of me knows that our annual Indiana trip is coming up, and my decision for one road trip may well apply for all.

I bought a new camera, too.  Same problem.

And then there’s the whole IRS Section 179 deduction issue…the part where it says that you have to be able to prove you’ve used “listed property” (aka laptops) for business more than 50% of the time.  I’ve started an old-fashioned notebook-based log system for this purpose.  Even so…

There is more in heaven and on earth, Horatio, than is dreamt of in your philosophy…

(I know Shakespeare never heard of the IRS, but he still had a good answer!)