I just turned in my rental car.  We were gone for a couple of days on a trip to Tidewater Virginia so my children could visit some friends we don’t see very often.  Things went very well, in spite of the bad traffic on I-95 South when we left home.  (Silly me, listening to WTOP and deciding that the “very light” traffic report would hold true until I, personally, had passed Dale City.)  I saw a lot of silly driving in Tidewater – mostly failure to use what my car aficionado friend calls the “optional turn signal package” – can you tell she’s lived in Tidewater for a while? 

It was so hot in Chesapeake that we didn’t try to do anything outdoors except hang out at the pool.  I really enjoyed seeing my friends and watching our children forge their own friendships.

We came home on Routes 17 and 301; it takes a while longer but it’s less stressful in the long run.  The blistering heat made things a little uncomfortable, but all went according to plan.  The only glitch seemed to be with the electronic road signs at the onramps to I-64 from Greenbrier Parkway and to I-664 from I-64.  I noticed that  today both of them carried information about bridge-tunnel accidents that was not only left over from yesterday but was also inaccurate.  This was frustrating, especially because I diverted to I-664 based on this erroneous data; I didn’t figure out what was going on until I saw the second old message.  By then it was too late to change my driving plan.

Live and learn, I guess.