My son’s philosophy of European travel in a nutshell…food, scenery, maybe a military museum.

We were looking at blog stats today and I noticed that someone had arrived here via a search for “best restaurants Itri, Lazio.”  Now, I actually do know some wonderful restaurants in Itri.  I just haven’t blogged about them.  At any rate, my son commented that, in his mind, Euro-travel is really, well, all about the food.  And scenery (assuming you’re still awake after the food).

So…where is that good restaurant in Itri?  It’s Taverna Fra Diavolo (the Devil’s Brother Tavern).  It’s right in the main central square of Itri.  Their menu tells the story (in Italian) of the restaurant’s namesake, a dire character.  You don’t need to know anything about that to enjoy this place. 

For one thing, it’s very warm and toasty there on a cold winter day.

For another thing, they serve the best lasagne this side of Umbria.  The Formia/Gaeta/Itri area isn’t known for its baked pasta, because it’s on the gorgeous Golfo di Gaeta.  Seafood is commonly served in local restaurants, but excellent lasagne is hard to find.

If you’re exploring Itri or hanging out on Gaeta’s lovely beaches, check out Taverna Fra Diavolo.  It’s worth the drive.