I must confess.  I am addicted to Discovery Channel’s “Cash Cab” game show.  On “Cash Cab”, trivia and travel, two of my favorite things, combine in the most New York of ways.  My daughter thinks we should travel to New York and lie in wait for the Cash Cab.  She wants to be the spokesperson, too.  (She also wants to spend all the money at American Girl Place, if I know her.)

One of my friends made it onto “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” and asked my husband to be one of her lifelines.  He couldn’t; you  have to be at home, on a land line phone, for two straight weekdays while the show is taped.  Those who Serve Our Country generally can’t take time off like that and keep the phone lines free.  It was fun, though, to watch as our friend fielded questions and considered her final answers.

I’d like to think I could hold my own in the Cash Cab.  I am not planning a road trip to New York any time soon, but I’ll plan to take a few taxi rides when I go, just in case.