This was an unusual summer for me.  For the first time in four years, I put my son on an airplane and let him take his own trip, without benefit of parent.  He went west to visit his grandparents and learn some cool woodworking skills from Grandpa.  His room was dark and empty; even the cats looked sad as they slunk past the doorway.  After that trip, we had a couple of weeks of family time.  I then left both of my kids with friends and came home with my husband; my daughter had never spent more than one night away from home before.  About a week after the kids came home, my son headed off to Scout camp.

They come by wanderlust honestly.  My exchange experiences in high school changed me forever, and I certainly want my children to have travel adventures and to create memories they can reflect on forever.  Of course, not everything goes according to plan (we have lost sweatshirts and library books to deal with, not to mention the general post-travel disorder), but that’s part of the learning process, part of why travel matters.

As I type, cat on lap, I’m  glad my children have loving family on both coasts, thankful for all the opportunities they have to learn about the world at its best and worst.  No portable DVD player can give them the gifts of open-mindedness and flexibility.  That’s what travel is for.

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