Once again I’m having fun reviewing the search terms that bring folks to this blog.  The lamb spiedini thing keeps popping up; guess I’ll have to do some additional research when time permits. 

 Yesterday, someone dropped by the blog, apparently looking for good restaurants in Gaeta, Italy.  I have to be honest; I ate a lot of restaurant meals in Italy (and have the waistline to prove it), but my favorites weren’t in Gaeta.  Nevertheless, there are a few places we ate at pretty regularly, and here they are:

 Calpurnio, in old Gaeta, Vico Castani, 4.  This restaurant is a wonderful summer evening stop because they have dozens of outdoor tables, with shading.  Their pizzas are excellent.  They also serve good seafood pasta.  Their menu looks the same all year ’round, but you may find that some dishes aren’t available because they’re out of season, or because…it’s Italy, and that’s how things work.  All menu items aren’t necessarily available all the time.

Flamingo, in Hotel Flamingo, on the corner of Corso Italia and Via Bologna.  Another great summertime stop.  Excellent pizzas.  You don’t have to be a hotel guest to drop by for a pizza.  Spinning (stationary bike) classes are offered some evenings and contribute loud music to the atmosphere.

Atratino.  Via Atratina, 141.  Atratino serves Gaeta’s best lasagne.  Service is attentive and many waiters speak English.  Quality is uniform, and the staff is accustomed to large groups and families.

Now I’m hungry.

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