Today is Blog Action Day.  Bloggers around the world are contributing their ideas on this year’s theme, the environment.

Since this is a road trip blog, I offer these ideas for making your next journey more environmentally friendly.  And, if you already do some or all of these things, I thank you.

Take a Short Trip

Choose a destination that isn’t too far away, or that doesn’t involve much driving around once you’re there.  Try to minimize the time you spend in the car.  That way, you’ll have more time to enjoy your destination and you’ll reduce your emissions at the same time.

Pick Up Your Trash

Every single piece.  I’m sure you’ve been to as many trashed-up parks and rest stops as I have.  It’s frustrating to see how many people don’t care whether their used tissues hit the trash bin or the grass.  Don’t add to the mess, please.

Slow Down

High-speed driving wastes gas and doesn’t save much time.  Besides, it’s hard to appreciate the roadside scenery when it’s just a blur.  Let up a bit on the gas pedal and make the journey part of your travel adventure.

Combine Stops

Make your “pit stop” your “everything stop.”  Stretch your legs, walk the dog, wash your hands, check your map.  Don’t waste time and gas driving on and off the freeway every half hour.

Pack a Picnic

At your “everything stop,” enjoy a homemade lunch, and save the gas you’d have spent driving around looking for McFood.  You’ll save money, too.

Bring Your Bikes

If weather conditions permit, add a bicycling day or afternoon to your itinerary.  Bicycling is a great way to stay fit, get around and see the local sights.  Best of all, bicycling is cost-free and emission-free.

Thanks again for reading, recycling and reducing your impact on the environment.