To the kind gentleman who bought me a much-needed bottle of water at the Maryland Renaissance Festival yesterday, thank you.  You saved the afternoon for me and helped me truly appreciate the Mediaeval Baebes’ performance.  I promise to pass along the favor.

To the couple sitting in front of me, I hope you found your memory disks at Lost and Found.  We took them straight there.

To Albannach, you are truly awesome.  We are taking your CD’s across the country and to the Continent to share with friends who love music, culture and talent…and you have all three, in spades.

To my husband, who put up with Sick Little Me, I had a brilliant time.  Next year we will need to wrap our travel/work schedule around the Albannach/Mediaeval Baebes performances.

To my children, I’m very happy you enjoy events like this.  While not all the acts were authentically Renaissance, you did see and hear some funny and amazing and priceless things.  Your enthusiasm gladdens my heart.

To the thousands of drivers, stuck like us for 2+ hours in the parking area, thank you so much for not getting cranky and ugly about the ridiculous gridlock experience.  Also, thank you for putting up with our newly-acquired Albannach CD’s, which helped us survive the gridlock and maintain our sanity.

To the readers of this blog, darn right I dress up.  It’s more fun that way.