I started this road trip blog because my life is about family, writing and travel, which combine most effectively in trips by car.  I named the blog after my favorite road, the ancient Via Appia in Italy.  The Romans knew they’d built something special when they constructed the highway between Rome and Capua.  Standing on the venerable basalt blocks is a fantastic experience for any traveler.   The Romans nicknamed their superhighway “Regina Viarum,” or “Queen of Roads.”

As for me, I’m a Navy wife, home schooling mom, freelance writer, reader of countless books, and world explorer.  I’m generally preparing for a road trip, writing about a trip or recovering from one.


3 Responses to “About Queen of Roads”

  1. Jon Says:

    Nancy, you rock! I don’t know where you find the time to write, but it’s great that you are taking over the blogosphere.

    Keep on truckin’!

    Jon Slaton

  2. Nancy,

    How are you????? I haven’t talked to you in ages and ages!!

    I live in Mission Viejo now….drop me a note!


  3. stefanaccio Says:

    Well thought out website and journey notes. Complimenti

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