strange sightings

XLErator hand dryerOn my recent Indiana roadtrip, I had occasion to stop at a few state-sponsored rest stops.  I was pleased to see my favorite electrically-powered hand dryer, the XLerator, installed in one of the rest stops we visited.  If you haven’t encountered this amazing device, you’re missing out.  It can dry your hands in about fifteen seconds.  It literally pushes your skin around with its turbo-charged blast of air.

I have to admit, the first time I encountered one of these devices, I laughed so hard I couldn’t keep my hands in the drying zone.  The XLerator is LOUD.  I’m now used to the rocket-launch sound effects and appreciate the quick drying time.

Cool rest stop technology.  Who knew?


Yesterday I had the opportunity to look at trucks.  Lots and lots of very big, very long trucks.  I started truck-watching because I noticed a tractor-trailer pulling onto I-70.  It was the longest tractor-trailer I’ve ever seen.  My son and daughter tried valiantly to guess what was on the trailer.  A rocket?  A Polaris missile?  Experimental airplane wings?  I’m sure we’ll never figure out what that truck was carrying.

Then we began to notice all the trucks with unusual loads.  We saw huge pipe-shaped objects.  We saw turquoise blue two-ended tanks, the kind you might store oxygen in.  We saw more Unidentified Trucking Objects than I’d thought possible.

If anyone knows what was on that big trailer on I-70, please end the agony and tell me what it was.